Retrospective changes to ‘off the plan’ sunset clauses passed in parliament

30 May, 2019

The Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2019 (Vic) was passed in Parliament on 28 May — meaning the retrospective changes to off the plan sunset clauses will come into operation as soon as the bill receives royal assent. The new requirements will prevent a vendor rescinding residential off the plan contracts based on a sunset […]

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Multi-factor authentication: a security must-have

24 May, 2019

Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective ways you can prevent cyber-criminals from gaining access to your firm’s systems and your clients’ confidential information. Multi-factor authentication is readily available, easy to set up and gives you an extra layer of security if your password is stolen (including where it is fraudulently obtained by phishing […]

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When the stake is at stake

17 May, 2019

Good systems and checklists to ensure compliance with procedural aspects of conveyancing are important preventative aspects of risk management. Stake-holding is a good example of when difficult situations may arise. By Hilary Stokes of Obst Legal. SNAPSHOT• a solicitor ought never become the arbiter of a dispute between parties as to whom and when the […]

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Independent valuations essential for lenders

9 May, 2019

When acting for private lenders you need to pay careful attention to the security on offer, especially in the current market. Many private lenders who are lending on short term loans or to people they know, are often not concerned enough about the detail of the security property. If the borrower defaults though all the […]

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Tax on super and TPD claims: remember to warn your clients

26 April, 2019

When advising a claimant on a superannuation total and permanent disability (TPD) claim, telling them there could be tax implications when making a withdrawal after the claim is approved should be one of your key messages. When a TPD claim is approved, claimants usually need to make an initial withdrawal to pay legal fees and […]

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