Protect your clients from cyber fraud

22 March, 2019

Just as you need to protect your firm against scam emails directing payment of trust money to cyber criminals, you need to be proactive in warning clients they might be targeted with fake emails from your firm. We are aware of several instances where clients received scam emails purportedly from their law firm directing payment […]

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No PEXA digital certificate policy? You’re at risk.

8 March, 2019

Does your firm have effective policies for maintaining the security of digital certificates? Are digital certificates being shared within your firm? Below are some of the risks and consequences and what you should do about it. PEXA digital certificates are a necessary part of the electronic conveyancing process in Australia. Digital certificates are an encrypted […]

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5 things your purchaser clients really want to know

15 February, 2019

Last week’s blog post looked at three things all vendor clients want from their lawyer. This week we are looking at five key things purchasers want to know. Is the vendor entitled to sell the property? Verify the vendor’s title to sell, identify the property correctly and conduct all necessary searches. Build the cost into […]

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3 things your vendor clients really want

6 February, 2019

Because conveyancing matters comprise a lot of moving parts, and often seems to be a routine process, it can be easy to lose sight of what is important to your client. Get into the habit of going back to basics and regularly remind yourself of the key things every vendor client wants from their lawyer: […]

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Risks for lawyers in late FIRB applications

25 January, 2019

Do you warn your foreign investor clients pre-contract of the need to obtain Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval before they sign a purchase contract? Two claims this week show the risks of not doing this. The FIRB has issued infringement notices this week to foreign investor clients of two law firms who failed to […]

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