PEXA, email, electronic funds transfers and cyber-crime

25 September, 2018

PEXA, email, electronic funds transfers and cyber-crime On 25 June 2018 LPLC published a security warning for PEXA users arising from some recent instances of fraudulent activity impacting PEXA transactions. One of these (‘the MasterChef case’) involved a fraudster entering the PEXA workspace and changing payment account details to divert $250,000 of the proceeds of […]

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Security warning for PEXA users

25 June, 2018

Recent news reports and emails from PEXA have described a fraud involving the PEXA workspace. Any users of the PEXA workspace need to read this bulletin for tips on how to avoid this happening to them. The fraudster appears to have gained access to a subscriber’s email account and intercepted a change of password email […]

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Cyber security breach – claims caused by fake client email

29 June, 2017

It is no longer safe practice to transfer money to a client’s account based only on email instructions from your client. Always verify email instructions from a client, especially if it involves handling money, by confirming the details orally with the client. LPLC has received four notifications in the last two years, one only last […]

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Cyber security cautionary tale

19 October, 2016

Introduction Cyber security needs to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, whether you are in a small firm or a large firm. The recent experience of a Victorian law firm is a good example of how easy it is to be caught out. The realistic email A principal of one of our insured firms […]

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