In Check Issue 53 | December 2011

9 December, 2011

Conveyancing vigilance when reading contracts We have recently been given several examples of sale of land contracts with unusual clauses which would have been very easy to miss. In one example, the contract looked just like the standard form contract in the Estate Agents (Contracts) Regulations 2008 but general condition 2.1 had been changed to […]

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In Check Issue 52 | September 2011

9 September, 2011

Off-the-plan contract amendments postponed The proposed changes to s.9AA of the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Vic), which required the addition of various notices on the front page of off-the-plan sales contracts, have been postponed. The Consumer Acts Amendment Act 2011 (Vic) moved the start date for those amendments to 30 June 2012. Risk Management DVD For those of […]

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In Check Issue 51 | June 2011

9 June, 2011

Insurance issues for solicitors who are also registered tax agents A number of solicitors are also registered tax agents under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009, and will have received a notice in May from the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB) advising of the TPB’s mandated requirement for professional indemnity insurance cover (PII) to be in place for […]

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In Check Issue 50 | March 2011

9 March, 2011

Insurance Renewal Forms We expect that the insurance renewal forms will be posted to practitioners in early April and will be due to be paid and returned by 13 May 2011. Risk Management Seminars for 2011 LPLC will be running its Country Risk Management program in May 2011. Brochures will be sent to country practitioners […]

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