In Check Issue 81 | December 2018

18 December, 2018

Holiday season reminders The lead up to Christmas with the extra commitments and pressure is a high-risk time for mistakes and oversights. Be diligent and maintain your risk management practices— now is when you need them most. Here is a reminder of the top three areas where we see the most mistakes and oversights during […]

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In Check Issue 70 | March 2016

31 March, 2016

Cyber-crime – how alert are you? Lawyers and the legal profession are increasingly becoming targets of cyber-crime and while many law firms may not appreciate it, they hold information about clients that may be valuable to cyber-criminals. The cyber-criminals can on-sell client personal or transactional information. They can also lock down a firm’s information and […]

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In Check Issue 69 | December 2015

1 December, 2015

Count your days to the end of the year carefully As the end of the year approaches there are three simple tips to make sure you don’t start the new year with  a messed up time limit claim. Be mindful of the various public holidays that occur at this end of the year when calculating […]

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In Check Issue 67 | June 2015

15 June, 2015

Cyber-crime – client’s email account being hacked A recent New Zealand case has highlighted the insidious nature as well as the prevalence of cyber-crime. The Victorian Legal Services Commissioner has recently received a complaint involving similar circumstances so Victorian lawyers should not be complacent. Practitioners need to implement a risk management strategy to combat these sophisticated crimes. […]

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In Check Issue 66 | March 2015

24 March, 2015

FIRB approval space is changing Practitioners in the property area need to be aware of what is happening in foreign investment regulation in Australia as there has been considerable focus on this area recently. In the past few weeks several high profile articles have been published about the lack of Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) […]

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