How to defend against cyber crime

26 April, 2017

Practitioners need to do more to keep the door locked. Virtually all law practices today are vulnerable to cyber attacks which have the potential to disrupt delivery of legal services and compromise the security of clients’ confidential information. All staff need to understand how cyber attacks commonly occur and firms need to implement appropriate risk […]

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Don’t fall for fakes

1 March, 2016

Practitioners need to be wary of increasingly sophisticated scams. The LPLC is often asked if scams targeted at legal practitioners have resulted in claims. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Most practitioners will be familiar with advance fee fraud or so-called Nigerian scams, involving an unsolicited invitation to pay money in advance to assist another party […]

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How to identify risks

1 August, 2014

There are many things practitioners can do to avoid claims. A good start is to consider ways you can identify risks in your office. Ask all staff to help identify risks and seek their input on how they believe things could be improved, such as the way processes and procedures are carried out. It could […]

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