Retrospective changes proposed for residential ‘off the plan’ sunset clauses

29 March, 2019

key risk alerts New bill proposes changes to the operation of sunset clauses in residential off the plan sales contracts. Proposed new requirements will prevent a vendor rescinding ROTP contracts based on a sunset clause without: at least 28 days written notice a purchasers consent The bill provides that the ‘notice’ and ‘consent’ provisions will […]

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Vendor/supplier GST withholding notice

15 August, 2018

There is no prescribed form for section 14-255 supplier GST withholding notice. Below is a suggested form of notice practitioners are welcome to use or adapt.Page two of the notice contains some notes for its use.   Vendor_supplier GST withholding notice(PDF Version) | Vendor_supplier GST withholding notice(Word Version)    

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Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016 (Vic)

14 August, 2018

Key points Appointments of medical treatment decision makers and advanced care directives replace medical powers of attorney and refusal of medical treatment certificates from 12 March 2018. Medical power of attorneys entered into before 12 March 2018 are taken to be appointments of medical decision makers. Any refusal of treatment certificates created before 12 March […]

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Some purchasers required to withhold GST from 1 July 2018

7 August, 2018

Download PDF Suggested resources: Vendor/supplier GST withholding notice Key points New GST withholding regime applying to some settlements from 1 July 2018. New notification obligations on vendors of new residential or potential residential land. New notification and withholding obligations on purchasers of new residential or potential residential land. Penalties apply for both vendor and purchaser […]

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GST withholding special condition

27 June, 2018

Download PDF GST withholding 1.1. In this special condition, section references are to Schedule 1 of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cwth) as amended by Treasury Laws Amendment (2018 Measures No.1) Act 2018 (Cwth) and asterisked terms have the same meanings as when used in that schedule. 1.2. If section 14-255(1) applies to the supply […]

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About LPLC – serving and protecting you!

16 April, 2018

It’s your insurance scheme! Your scheme provides universal, comprehensive and secure statutory professional indemnity insurance (PII). You get certainty of cover from year to year without the cyclical fluctuations of the commercial insurance market and automatic run-off cover to protect you from claims after you cease legal practice. The policy protects you from the financial […]

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Cyber fraud – five steps to protect yourself

10 April, 2018

Cyber thieves are clever. They target lawyers because we direct transfers of money and they want to steal it. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Be suspicious of email instructions. Cyber fraudsters will get in any way they can. Make sure it’s not through you. Five steps to protect yourself. Identify – Don’t accept email requests on […]

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Cost estimates | Client brochure

6 February, 2018

Many clients have never retained a lawyer before and do not know how to work effectively with them or understand what a cost estimate is. This lack of understanding sometimes contributes to claims against law firms that could have been avoided or minimised if there had been better communication between the firm and the client about […]

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Snapshot – Family law

6 February, 2018

Snapshots provide data and main causes of claims in areas of practice as well as risk management strategies at a glance. Click the image to enlarge or download above.                        

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Cyber security – how to protect yourself | Client brochure

5 February, 2018

Our firm has proactive steps in place to protect you and your information from cyber-attack. We also need you to take some precautionary steps to ensure the security of your information. What we will do Tell you at the start of a matter what our payment details are and not change those details unless we […]

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