Claim free conveyancing

28 February, 2019

Additional conveyancing download: Default notice Rescission notice Introduction Claim free conveyancing has been produced to help practitioners avoid the most common mistakes which have resulted in a claim in conveyancing transactions. By being aware of how and why mistakes occur, you will be in a better position to protect against claims. Claims against practitioners arising […]

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Small business big risk

17 September, 2018

Since LPLC published the first edition of Small business – big risk there have been some changes in the legal landscape which are particularly relevant to transactions for the sale of small businesses including the introduction of: the Estate Agents (General, Accounts and Audit) Regulations 2008, which has made substantial changes to both the form and content […]

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Pitfalls in personal injury litigation

6 August, 2018

Personal injury litigation Clients seek out litigation lawyers only when something has gone wrong. In the personal injury arena, they have the added difficulty of dealing with a physical or mental impairment and its consequences. This means the relationship is going to be challenging from the start. It can be made even more difficult if […]

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Keep managing mortgage risk

24 July, 2018

Additional mortgage downloads Solicitor’s Certificate – Direct Borrower Solicitor’s Certificate – Third Party, Guarantor etc Translator’s Certificate Client acknowledgement Introduction From 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2017 LPLC has received 43 mortgage claims at a total estimated cost of $3M. Smaller law firms continue to be more vulnerable to these types of claims. Of […]

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Avoiding superannuation claims

24 April, 2018

Introduction Every year LPLC sees claims involving superannuation funds. Claims sometimes arise because the practitioner does not have sufficient knowledge or experience with superannuation matters. Practitioners who regularly act in this area will agree that extensive expertise and understanding is required to properly advise clients and to have the best chance to avoid a claim. […]

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A guide for executors

24 January, 2018

18 frequently asked questions about being an executor. This booklet provides a guide, in question and answer format, for executors about their role, their obligations and what is involved in managing and finalising an estate in Victoria. For more information executors should contact their legal practitioner. 1 Who is an executor? An executor is a […]

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A guide for beneficiaries

24 January, 2018

20 frequently asked questions about being a beneficiary This booklet provides a guide, in question and answer format, for beneficiaries about what is means to be a beneficiary, what is required of them and what is involved in managing and finalising an estate in Victoria. For more information beneficiaries should contact their legal practitioner. 1 […]

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Looking after leases

6 November, 2017

Introduction Looking after leases contains details of claims, relevant cases and legislation affecting retail leases. It is designed to raise your awareness of common problems in commercial and retail lease transactions, and help you protect your practice against claims. Residential leases, crown leases, caravan park site agreements and retirement village agreements are outside the scope of […]

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Focusing on family law

15 August, 2017

Introduction As family law clients are often preoccupied and in emotional distress, they require particular care. It is an area where simple risk management steps can make a difference. The scope of the retainer needs to be carefully defined and documented. Documenting advice and instructions, and keeping the client informed about the progress of the […]

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Know your limits

11 May, 2017

Introduction With the proliferation of time limits in legislation today missing limitation dates is a mistake that occurs in many areas of the law. The reasons for missing time limits are varied as are the potential repercussions. Sometimes it is a lack of knowledge by the lawyer that the time limit exists, or failing to […]

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