Risk Management training scenarios

It can be difficult for busy legal practices to find ways of providing staff with informative and interesting risk management training. In order to aid the provision of internal risk management education, LPLC has made its archive of training videos freely available for all practitioners.

Use of the video archive

Below you will find video resources that feature scenarios based on real claims. The videos cover a range of common risk topics and are designed to assist with the preparation and presentation of risk management training sessions.

Each resource comes in two parts: A video scenario and accompanying presenter’s workbook.

The scenarios can be shown during seminars and workshops, while the presenter’s workbooks explain the things that go wrong, suggest issues for discussion and contain additional case studies.

The workbooks are designed as a resource for the presenter and are not intended to be distributed to attendees or to be used in their entirety.

All practitioners should refer to the current CPD rules for counting audio-visual material here .

A Stitch In Time

This video highlights the importance of effective communication, in the context of a matter that shifts from fast-moving transactional to contentious in nature. A busy lawyer is asked by a clothing manufacturer to review a potentially lucrative supply contract.

Super Vision

Effective supervision and delegation are key elements of well-run practices (of all sizes) and vital for the purposes of managing risk. This video looks at issues of supervision and delegation – including the importance of two-way feedback – from the perspective of a principal, senior associate, junior lawyer and personal assistant.

Litigation a la Carte

This scenario involves issues of client selection, managing a difficult client, scoping work, risks associated with limited retainers (especially where the client has undertaken some the work) and taking a matter over part way through.

Swimming With Sharks

his video deals with issues such as client selection, managing a commercially savvy client, scoping work and documenting the retainer – together with risks associated with limited retainers.

The Three Musketeers

Issues of client identification, client/matter screening, documenting the retainer and advice are all problematic in this scenario. Despite having reservations, the lawyer allows himself to be railroaded into acting in a conflict situation.

Mind The Gap

This scenario involves advice that straddles a firm’s commercial and litigation practices. The dynamics between the principal, the junior lawyer and the client’s in-house counsel underscore poor communication about the scope of the retainer. Key topics are acting for multiple parties, scoping work, risks associated with limited retainers and supervision.

At The End Of The Day

This video explores issues relating to client management and external pressures in a late night settlement scenario. Risk issues include mediation pressures, late night completion, principal’s absence and inadequate record-keeping. The lessons could equally apply to late night negotiation of a commercial contract.

There is no Presenter’s Workbook for this video.


This video looks at a situation in which the firm could have better handled issues of client selection, assessing the clients’ needs and commerciality of what can be achieved, estimating and managing costs, and supervising practitioners (even where they are experienced).

The New Normal

The New Normal explores client relationship and retainer management as well as the importance of comprehensive documentation of all aspects of the matter in the context of a long time and demanding commercial client.

In The Line Of Fire

A poor checking system that fails to identify actual or potential conflicts puts the law practice in the line of fire when the conflict comes to light.