I attended an LPLC seminar throughout the year. Do you have a record of what I attended? Does LPLC issue a certificate to prove I attended?

No. LPLC does have a record of who registered for an event and issues a tax invoice/receipt upon purchase. Registrants are also sent a confirmation email as well as a reminder email but LPLC cannot confirm whether you attended the whole of the session.

You are required to maintain your own record of your CPD activities and also evidence in support of the CPD activities undertaken as stated in Rule 12. Record keeping which reads as follows:

12.1 A solicitor must maintain for each CPD year:

12.1.1 a record of his or her engagement in CPD activities; and

12.1.2 evidence in support of the CPD activities undertaken.

12.2 A solicitor must retain the information referred to in Rule 12.1.1 and the evidence in support referred to in Rule 12.1.2 for at least three years after the end of the CPD year to which the CPD record and evidence in support relate.