Are there compulsory units I need to get every year?

Yes – there are compulsory units you need to attain every year, as stated in Rule 6. CPD obligations – as follows:

6.1 Unless exempted in whole or in part by the designated local regulatory authority under rule 16 (Exemptions), or unless a pro rata calculation applies under rule 10 (Pro rata calculations), a solicitor must complete 10 CPD units in each CPD year including at least one CPD unit in each of the following fields:

6.1.1 ethics and professional responsibility;

6.1.2 practice management and business skills;

6.1.3 professional skills;

6.1.4 substantive law.

6.2 Where a part exemption under Rule 16 (Exemptions) or a pro rata calculation under Rule 10 (Pro rata calculations) applies the compulsory fields must be completed as part of the remaining CPD units.