About LPLC

LPLC is the professional indemnity insurer to Victorian legal practices and the insurer to many national law firms.   We insure only legal practices.

When LPLC began in 1986, we insured around 6,000 Victorian solicitors.  We now insure approximately 16,000 solicitor practitioners across Australia, as well as over 1,800 barristers practicing in Victoria.

Throughout our over 30 year history, LPLC has provided high quality insurance cover to solicitor practitioners.  We have also provided high quality cover for barrister practitioners for over 10 years.  LPLC has provided dedicated risk management services for the last 20 years.   Our claims solicitors and risk managers have decades of specialist expertise and experience in legal practice.

In addition to handling claims against legal practitioners, LPLC provides a comprehensive program of risk management services to legal practices that insure with us.  We believe that the continuing decrease in the incidence of claims is, in part, attributable to the risk management efforts of the practices we insure, assisted by LPLC.

LPLC’s long-held values are:

  • Equity and fairness
  • Transparency
  • Probity
  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Prudence

LPLC is the only statutory authority of its kind in Australia.  LPLC reports to both the Victorian Attorney-General and the Minister for Finance.  The significant benefits, in particular, public benefit that LPLC delivers to legal practitioners, as well as to consumers of legal services, was recognised and endorsed by the Victorian Government following the Price Waterhouse Coopers Competition Policy Review in 2004.