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LPLC is an independent statutory authority providing professional indemnity insurance to Victorian barristers and solicitors and many of Australia’s national law firms.

LPLC has been insuring legal practitioners since 1986. We maintain and administer the Legal Practitioners Liability Fund which receives premiums and pays claims under the policies we underwrite.

LPLC insures more than 20,000 solicitors and barristers in private legal practice in Victoria and throughout Australia. We also support the legal profession with a significant investment in risk management services.

Details of our operations can be found in our Annual Reports.

A high quality and secure insurance scheme for legal practitioners with consumer protection safeguards for clients.

IntegrityAccountable to the profession and to the community
RespectServing stakeholders’ interests in everything we do
ExcellenceFirst-rate service: responsive, practical and empathetic advice
CollaborationWorking with the profession to improve the practice of law
Alert to the world around us; with eyes wide open to the future

LPLC (and its predecessor, the Solicitors Liability Committee) has arranged scheme insurance cover for legal practitioners since 1986 across several insurance cycles. The public benefits of the insurance scheme include the availability of insurance for all law practices, broad policy terms, run-off cover for practitioners who have ceased to practice, and profession-wide risk management services.

By operating with an efficient statutory mutual model we minimise administration and distribution costs, and because all investment returns are retained in the Fund, we keep premiums lower over the longer term.

The scheme provides up to $2m cover (inclusive of defence costs) for each claim.

When a claim is made, you want confidence in the people handling it. Our in-house claims team are all experienced lawyers who have worked in private practice at senior levels and understand its demands and risks. Our claims solicitors provide independent, objective and ethically-focused advice to insured practitioners when it is most needed.

We encourage early notification of claims or circumstances by practitioners to allow early assessment of potential exposures and pro-active management to resolve negligence claims in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our commitment is to not only resolve claims, but to improve the profession’s understanding of what causes them and how they can be prevented. Our goal is to achieve a longer-term reduction in negligence claims across the profession for better client outcomes and sustainable insurance costs for practitioners.

LPLC provides a comprehensive program of risk management services and resources. We use profession-wide claims data to raise awareness across the profession of risk areas, provide education and training to practitioners, and produce a range of practical resources to help practitioners safely navigate claims-prone situations.