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Your policy requires that you give LPLC immediate notice of any claim first made against you during the policy period, or any circumstance which might give rise to a claim of which you become aware during the policy period. We encourage early notification as this enables us to take action, or provide advice and guidance, so as to minimise any loss or damage that might occur.


Buckling under pressure when it comes to professional conduct and complying with the rules can have long lasting and devastating effects. A VCAT decision in late 2021 found a practitioner, who did just that, guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct. This case is a salutary reminder for all practitioners to step back and consider the consequences before they feel pressured into doing the wrong thing.
Deb Assheton from training and development organisation The Amplify Group joins LPLC’s Chief Risk Manager Heather Hibberd on a journey to empower practitioners to say no and equip them with tools and frameworks to guide them through difficult conversations.
Many of the claims LPLC sees in the wills and estate area of law relate to mistakes in the drafting of wills where the client’s instructions are not accurately reflected in the will. LPLC have created two template documents to assist practitioners to collect the relevant information for preparing wills.
Effective practice management doesn’t just take care of itself. It requires constant work on the business as well as in the business. To assist firms to get a baseline understanding of where they are at and what areas they may need to focus on and or/develop, LPLC has developed a basic 10-minute ‘practice health check’ tool.
Presenter Matthew Cridland, a Partner at K&L Gates, discusses the new Windfall Gains Tax provisions that come into operation in July 2023 and what practitioners will need to consider now. Matthew also provides an update on the circumstances where the expanded 'economic entitlement' provisions may apply, potentially triggering a duty liability.
The new Windfall Gains Tax (WGT) introduced by the Windfall Gains Tax and State Taxation and Other Acts Further Amendment Act 2021 commences on 1 July 2023. In broad terms, WGT applies to land rezoned after 1 July 2023. But practitioners need to be across the issues now, particularly if negotiating long term sale contracts, or options, that will settle after that date that may then be subject to the WGT.