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Personal properties securities reform has significantly changed the way personal property is protected in Australia. This page contains information to assist practitioners in understanding the changes and avoiding the traps in the new requirements. LPLC has a PPS hotline service and FAQs to help answer our practitioners’ client related PPS questions.
Since LPLC published the first edition of Small business – big risk there have been some changes in the legal landscape which are particularly relevant to transactions for the sale of small businesses
The introduction of the GST in 2000 brought with it changes to the way in which many transactions, especially the sale of land and businesses, were handled. The claims LPLC sees usually occur in relation to the sale of commercial or new residential land or the sale of businesses.
Tax issues can arise in nearly all areas of practice. LPLC have many resources intended to help practitioners understand the risks attaching to the different types of work that fall under this broad category.
Keeping up to date with constantly evolving building and construction law is good risk management. Work in this area of law is often technical and time critical, and with the ever-increasing time and cost pressures, simple errors occur.
Migration law is a complex area to practice in and claims can occur if practitioners don’t understand the relevant legislation and rules as well as have good processes in place to do the work well. This is an area that practitioners should not dabble in.

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