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A new twist on cybercrime and EFT

Just as you can’t rely on bank account details in external emails from clients and others, it is also risky to rely on payment directions in emails from people within your office without phone verification. A matter recently reported to LPLC highlights the risks in relying solely on emails, particularly in today’s increasingly remote working environment.

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Cyber-crime is a growing risk to law firms of all sizes as lawyers and the legal profession are increasingly becoming targets of cyber-criminals. Having strategies, policies and processes to boost a firm’s cyber-security is an essential part of practice management. LPLC provides a range of information and resources to support practices to do so.
Practitioners must take reasonable steps to verify the identity (VOI) of their clients both to avoid claims and comply with common law obligations and Victoria's electronic conveyancing Participation Rules. To help practitioners understand the importance of VOI and manage their roles and obligations LPLC has developed a range of resources and information.
Engagement management is about choosing the right client and the right matter at the right time, and then properly scoping and documenting the retainer. We see claims where firms fail to do these things or they fail to manage the client’s expectations to the retainer or recognise when the retainer has changed.
Poor or no supervision often coupled with ineffective delegation are the underlying causes of many claims. The benefits of effective supervision include better trained staff able to do more complex work, less errors and improved professional reputation and happier healthy staff and great office culture.
Legal practices involves ethical decision making and complying with professional responsibilities to the courts, clients and the rule of law. Failing to get these things right can not only lead to misconduct complaints but can also result in professional indemnity claims.
LPLC has produced a range of resources to help practitioners communicate with and provide information to their clients.These resources include templates and file notes, client guides, brochures and handouts.
Resources and information to support firms and practitioners to manage their legal practice.

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