Key Risk Checklist: File transfer from another firm

20 November, 2017

Client intake

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Complete the client intake checklist to establish if you should act for this client in this matter at this time (click here).
Immediate file review  Comment or detail
Conduct an immediate file review to determine:
  • critical dates and relevant time limits
  • outstanding issues
  • next steps.
Internal procedure  Comment or detail
Scope and plan the required work.
Issue detailed letter of engagement.
Provide cost disclosure.
Obtain signed cost agreement.
Ask client to review and approve all trust account transactions and balance transferred.
Identify any unpaid disbursements and clarify liability for payment.
Determine if a payment of client funds into trust is required.
External procedure  Comment or detail
Notify third parties (courts, tribunal, other side, Land Titles Office etc) of the change of practitioner.


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