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LPLC offers a range of online seminars to support practitioners to manage their risk. We have recorded selected webinars and topics.

Recorded: Thursday 22nd July
CPD: 1 Substantive law
Presented by: James Hamblin, Special Counsel and Melinda Waduge, Senior Associate, Minter Ellison.

This session provides practical guidance to help identify and manage commonly overlooked stamp duty and land tax issues that arise on business and property transactions.

Also covered are some issues that are increasingly becoming areas of focus for revenue offices, and the subject of claims, including:

  • Victoria's 'foreign purchaser additional' duty, particularly in the context of discretionary trust
  • the 'absentee owner' land tax surcharge
  • double duty risks on nominations / sub-sales
  • non-Victorian stamp duty that can arise in respect of business acquisitions.

Recorded: June 2021
1 CPD Practice management

This webinar explores the ways professionals procrastinate and techniques to reduce procrastination in your practice.

It looks at the connection between procrastination and perfectionism, the cycle of procrastination and how to break it to be more proactive in getting around to those things that are always on the bottom of the to-do list.

Recorded: Wednesday 21 April 2021

1 CPD Practice Management

Acting for private lenders can be high risk especially where the loans are short term with high interest rates or are between family members or associates.

The security arrangements are often not taken seriously by the parties and then they sue their lawyers when the security turns out to be inadequate.

This session looks at common mistakes and lessons for practitioners in anticipation of increases in private lending, difficult financial times ahead and an uncertain property market.

This webinar addresses the five key areas of practice management necessary to build and maintain a quality legal practice. It will look at the important issues in each of the areas of governance, client engagement, work production, people management and risk management.

Recorded 17 March 2021

1 CPD Practice Management

Introducing the Quality Legal Practice Framework - a tool that will assist practitioners to identify the key areas of practice management and the important things they should do in each of those areas.

The session is relevant for principals of new firms as well as those wanting to improve performance of their existing firm.

Doing legal work is not just about knowing the law.

Producing quality legal work in a timely and efficient manner requires a consistent application of practice management basics.

Recorded 11 November 2020

1 CPD Practice management

This session identifies key practice management steps you should follow and provides practical tips to help you consistently produce quality legal work.

This webinar focuses on the key areas of perceiving emotions in self and others and emotional management strategies for individuals and relationships. Presented by Jacqui Martin, Langley Group

Recorded September 2020

1.5 CPD Professional Skills

This webinar covers:

  • What are the triggers for certain emotional responses in individuals and how do these responses impact others?
  • What do you notice in others – particularly their facial expressions and body language?
  • What are the signs that a particular emotional trajectory is being traversed?
  • How do emotions escalate and combine in complex ways?
  • And what can you do about it?

It also explores the emotional challenges that remote working brings – how to create a sense of belonging and a climate of trust. What are the emotional issues that impact motivation, and how can we look to a future and plan for ambiguity.

In the current environment all law firms have a heightened risk profile, even more so for recently established firms. Presented by Paddy Oliver, Managing Director and Principal at AML Experts.

Recorded 5 November 2020

1 CPD Practice management

This webinar will:

  • Explain why law firms are a target of financial crimes
  • Identify increased risks of fraud and anti-money laundering in the COVID-19 environment
  • Provide strategies to identify, manage, and mitigate against those risks
  • Discuss real examples of how firms have been used by criminals.

Many Victorian practitioners have been forced to quickly adapt to remote working. This webinar is a timely opportunity to refresh your technology skills or learn new ones and make sure you are efficiently using the inexpensive tech products available to lawyers.

Presented by David Curtain and Ellen Connor from Lawyers On Demand.

Recorded 16 September 2020

1 CPD Practice Management

This webinar, full of practical tips, demonstrates how to efficiently use Microsoft 365 to:

  • set up and use template documents, letters and clauses
  • create, store and retrieve documents
  • make and store a file note in a client matter
  • efficiently use and store email for client file records
  • record critical dates and use reminders to monitor workflow
  • set up and use Microsoft Teams for client interface
  • establish systems for the supervision of people and checking work quality.

Supervision can be friend or foe to a busy fee earner.

Recorded 26 August 2020

1.5 CPD Practice management

In this recorded webinar, Anna Hinder from Searl Street Consulting, discussed what quality supervision is, the ways supervision makes a difference to your firm and the unique challenges of remote supervision.

Conveyancing Series

Recorded 14 July 2020.

0.5 CPD Practice management 0.5 CPD Substantive law

Every year the LPLC sees claims related to inadequate section 32 statements under the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Vic). This is the first in LPLC's Conveyancing Series 2020 webinars presented by LPLC Risk Manager, Phil Nolan.

In this webinar, Phil Nolan looks at the top five oversights and errors and provides practical advice and tips to build a better section 32 statement.

Recorded 19 August 2020.

1 CPD Substantive law, 0.5 CPD Practice management

The second topic covered in LPLC’s 2020 ‘Conveyancing Series’ follows on from the previously held 'Building a better section 32 statement' webinar and looks at contracts of sale. Presented by LPLC Risk Manager, Phil Nolan.

This session goes in depth on the more problematic requirements for standard contracts of sale and explores the nature of claims that arise when you don’t get it right.

Useful tips are provided to help fine-tune precedent contracts of sale to have the best chance of getting it right - and avoiding a claim.

Recorded 13 October 2020

1 CPD Substantive law, 0.5 CPD Practice management

This third webinar topic in the LPLC ‘Conveyancing series’ addresses the issues that practitioners need to consider and advise on, when acting for a purchaser.

Presented by LPLC Risk Manager Phil Nolan, this webinar also explores when to refer purchasers to appropriate experts for non-legal matters and why it is important to address due diligence obligations and use checklists to collect information.

Recorded 19 November 2020

1 CPD Substantive law, 0.5 CPD Practice management

Special attention is required by practitioners to deal with a breach of contract for the sale of land. What LPLC has seen in some claims is a failure to appreciate how complicated it can be dealing with a breach.

In this part 4 of the LPLC conveyancing series Phil Nolan will consider issues about breaches which have arisen in claims and provide risk management tips about how to properly advise clients, using a checklist to ensure important issues relating to the breach are dealt with and how to recognize when it is necessary to refer a client or brief a barrister.

Recorded 17 Feb 2021

CPD: 1 Substantive 0.5 Practice management

In this part 5 of the LPLC conveyancing series Phil Nolan will consider issues about subdivisions and off-the-plan contracts which have arisen in claims. He will provide risk management tips for dealing with land in subdivisions, what your retainer should include, exclude and require your client to do, as well as the benefits of using a checklist to ensure subdivision action items are completed in sequence and without omission.

Recorded: Wednesday 19 May 2021

CPD: 1 Substantive, 0.5 Practice management

Tax issues arise in many files, especially conveyancing and everyone needs to have at least a basic understanding of those tax issues.

In this part 6 of LPLC’s Conveyancing series, Phil Nolan considers the most common errors practitioner’s make involving GST, CGT, land tax and duty in conveyancing transactions.

This session covers some practical exercises to demonstrate the root causes of claims and Phil provides tips on how to avoid those claims.

Recorded 10 July 2020.

1 CPD Practice management

This webinar covers practical ways to implement a sound engagement habit, for a safer, claims-free practice.

Presented by LPLC's Risk Manager Stephen Bubb, this recorded webinar is for practitioners working in all areas of law to help to address one of the biggest causes of claims - engagement management.

Learn about the things you can do at the start of a matter that can set you up for success and avoid an unhappy client and a negligence claim.

Recorded 1 July 2020.

1 CPD Practice management

LPLC's Chief Risk Manager, Heather Hibberd, explores the legislative requirements surrounding Solicitor’s Certificates, along with the risk management issues associated with using video conferencing technologies in the context of COVID-19 restrictions.

Practitioners are seeing an increase in requests to provide advice regarding loans and guarantees from new and former clients.

Providing advice and signing Solicitor’s Certificates with COVID-19 restrictions in place adds another degree of difficulty.

This session includes discussion on:

  • Taking instructions and giving advice using video conferencing
  • Current legislative requirements regarding Solicitor’s Certificates
  • Managing new clients requiring a Solicitor’s Certificate urgently
  • Risk management tips and new policies in legal offices.