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LPLC offers a range of webinars to support practitioners to manage their risk. Recordings of those webinars are available on this site by area of law and topic.

Listed below are those webinars so far held in 2021.

Webinars held in 2021

Recorded 15 September
1CPD - Professional Skills
Presented by Marie-Claire Ross

In today’s fast-paced and now remote business world, it is often hard to build trust, particularly for time sensitive projects. Teams must be put together quickly, decisions made, and deadlines met.

Without trust, the consequences for risk management can be high.

If there is no or low trust, people are less likely to ask for help or speak up if something doesn’t look right, and mistakes can go uncorrected.

In this insightful session, you will learn:

  • How to move teams from the abatement to the achievement zone
  • The link between psychological safety and accountability
  • A three-step formula to help leaders build trust quickly.

Recorded: Thursday 22nd July
CPD: 1 Substantive law
Presented by: James Hamblin, Special Counsel and Melinda Waduge, Senior Associate, Minter Ellison.

This session provides practical guidance to help identify and manage commonly overlooked stamp duty and land tax issues that arise on business and property transactions.

Also covered are some issues that are increasingly becoming areas of focus for revenue offices, and the subject of claims, including:

  • Victoria's 'foreign purchaser additional' duty, particularly in the context of discretionary trust
  • the 'absentee owner' land tax surcharge
  • double duty risks on nominations / sub-sales
  • non-Victorian stamp duty that can arise in respect of business acquisitions.

Recorded: June 2021
1 CPD Practice management

This webinar explores the ways professionals procrastinate and techniques to reduce procrastination in your practice.

It looks at the connection between procrastination and perfectionism, the cycle of procrastination and how to break it to be more proactive in getting around to those things that are always on the bottom of the to-do list.

Recorded: 21 April 2021

1 CPD Practice Management

Acting for private lenders can be high risk especially where the loans are short term with high interest rates or are between family members or associates.

The security arrangements are often not taken seriously by the parties and then they sue their lawyers when the security turns out to be inadequate.

This session looks at common mistakes and lessons for practitioners in anticipation of increases in private lending, difficult financial times ahead and an uncertain property market.

This webinar addresses the five key areas of practice management necessary to build and maintain a quality legal practice. It will look at the important issues in each of the areas of governance, client engagement, work production, people management and risk management.

Recorded 17 March 2021

1 CPD Practice Management

Introducing the Quality Legal Practice Framework - a tool that will assist practitioners to identify the key areas of practice management and the important things they should do in each of those areas.

The session is relevant for principals of new firms as well as those wanting to improve performance of their existing firm.