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The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has issued a high status alert to Australian companies and organisations to adopt an enhanced cyber security posture due to the situation in Ukraine and Russia. LPLC supports this position and recommends that all legal firms and practitioners be extra vigilant and review and confirm their cyber security measures as a matter of urgency. There are three things LPLC recommends law firms do immediately:

1. Contact their IT provider/manager and ask them to review and confirm that all security measures are implemented and up to date. If firms have not yet engaged IT security providers, now is a good time to invest in and begin that process.

2. Communicate with all staff about the need for an enhanced cyber security approach and vigilance — especially being alert to phishing emails, attachments with links and ensuring the ‘call before you pay’ identification procedure is followed without exception.

3. Confirm system security backup procedures are in place, occurring regularly and stored offsite to ensure data recovery should an incident occur.

For more information about how to adopt baseline cyber security measures and stay secure follow the link to the ACSC alert above or visit the ACSC website. LPLC has produced a Cyber Security Guide for Lawyers full of practical information to help lawyers be cybersafe.