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LPLC has recently been alerted to an email scam that is targeting property and conveyancing practitioners in Victoria.

We understand that some insured law practices have received emails (including from ‘aol’ and ‘gmail’ addresses) which appear to be legitimate but are actually from cyber-criminals purporting to be potential clients wanting to engage their services on a conveyancing transaction.

Once the law practice has responded to the email, the cyber-criminal sends another email with a link purporting to give access to the client’s documents for the transaction. However, the link either contains malicious software which could allow the cyber-criminal access to the law practice’s systems, or the link takes the recipient to a fake site requiring them to enter their email address and password or other personal information.

All law practices and their staff should be alert to this ‘new client’ scam.

Never click on links unless you are sure of their legitimacy. If you inadvertently click on a link, immediately contact your IT provider to check your system is secure and that there has been no unauthorised access.

For more information on cyber security for your firm visit our cyber hub.