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The Australian Cyber Security Centre have launched new online learning resources that provide clear and practical information about ways to protect yourself online.

The topics covered include security updates, backing up data, setting up multifactor authentication, password management, scam recognition and more — all of which are useful to and relevant for those working in legal practice.

Also in case you missed it...

LPLC also recently launched the Cyber Awareness Essentials series comprised of six short videos that underline the key aspects of cyber security in a legal practice setting. The aim of the videos is to help practitioners boost their awareness of and defences against cyber attack.

The videos cover email compromise, verification of bank account details, warning clients about cyber risk, demystifying multifactor authentication, cyber awareness training and tips for staying vigilant, and preparing a plan to respond in the event of a cyber incident.

Our cyber security section has plenty more information specifically for lawyers who want to know more and protect themselves, their firm and their clients money against cyber fraud.