About LPLC – serving and protecting you!

16 April, 2018
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It’s your insurance scheme!

Your scheme provides universal, comprehensive and secure statutory professional indemnity insurance (PII). You get certainty of cover from year to year without the cyclical fluctuations of the commercial insurance market and automatic run-off cover to protect you from claims after you cease legal practice.

The policy protects you from the financial risk of professional liability claims and gives you access to extensive risk management and practice support services. It also benefits consumers of legal services when claims are made.

No other profession has access to PII of this breadth and quality delivered through a stable and secure statutory scheme.

Key pillars of your scheme are premium stability, transparent pricing and premium equity between different sizes and types of law firms.

Ultimately, the ongoing success of your scheme and keeping premiums low depends on a continuing partnership between you and us to minimise the number and cost of claims.

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