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17th January, 2019

Inactive owners corporations – are they really?

Have you had vendor clients tell you their owners corporation is inactive because they have never had any meetings? If an owners corporation is ‘inactive’ as defined in section 32F of the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Vic) (SL Act) a vendor must state this in the section 32 statement but doesn’t have to provide […]

18th December, 2018

In Check Issue 81 | December 2018

Table of contentsHoliday season remindersLand tax and duty claimsPlanning for the worst – new LSB+C policyCommon GST questionWhat’s new on LPLC’s websiteOffice closure over New YearChanging your email address? Holiday season reminders The lead up to Christmas with the extra commitments and pressure is a high-risk time for mistakes and oversights. Be diligent and maintain […]

12th December, 2018

Requests for information about validity of will

Have you been asked to provide a statement as to the circumstances surrounding the preparation and execution of a will and to also provide copies of the will file? Did the request refer to Larke v Nugus? Larke v Nugus is an English case concerning resistance to a grant of probate of a will on […]

7th December, 2018

Risk video bite – Define what you do

Presenter: Stephen Bubb, LPLC Risk Manager

3rd December, 2018

A good precedent

Using precedent documents effectively is essential risk management Most practitioners understand the value of having good precedents and it is an important investment for any firm irrespective of its areas of practice. However, precedents are not just a set and forget tool. If not used and maintained properly, precedents can increase your risk. Previous matter documents are not precedents Sometimes […]