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20th July, 2018

A bad plan

A critical issue for any purchaser of an ‘off the plan’ property is ensuring the actual property accords with what they intended to purchase. Therefore, when giving pre-contractual advice to purchasers, it is essential to identify any deficiencies in documentation that could hinder a proper assessment by the purchaser. In one claim, the practitioner was […]

13th July, 2018

The trouble with DIY clients

Practitioners are finding that some clients are insisting on doing parts of litigation matters themselves, primarily to save legal costs. If you are prepared to accept a limited retainer, you need to manage the risks. In one claim, a practitioner acted on an appeal regarding a dispute over a debt. The client was self-represented at […]

6th July, 2018

Risk video bite – Conflicts

Presenter: Matthew Rose, Risk Manager, LPLC

1st July, 2018

When parents lend to children

Be alert to the risks when advising on parent loans to home buyers. Last year, financial services comparison site Mozo reported that young home buyers in Australia have borrowed $65.3 billion from their families, making the bank of Mum and Dad the country’s fifth biggest lender. The June 2018 LPLC column “Take a step back” […]

29th June, 2018

Every conveyance is unique

Conveyancing clerks and lawyers should not assume that what appears to be a straightforward conveyance actually is a straightforward conveyance. It is important to read and understand the contract of sale, section 32 statement and any other relevant documents before advising the client. In one claim, a firm acted on the purchase of a property […]