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15th March, 2019

How to avoid an off-the-plan claim

Whether acting for vendors or purchasers in ‘off-the-plan’ sales, there are risks you need to be aware of and things you can do to avoid those risks. Acting for vendors Claims against practitioners acting for vendors include: transferring the wrong lot on a plan of subdivision the contract for the sale of a lot on […]

8th March, 2019

No PEXA digital certificate policy? You’re at risk.

Does your firm have effective policies for maintaining the security of digital certificates? Are digital certificates being shared within your firm? Below are some of the risks and consequences and what you should do about it. PEXA digital certificates are a necessary part of the electronic conveyancing process in Australia. Digital certificates are an encrypted […]

1st March, 2019

Risk video bite – Buying or selling a small business

Presenter: Matthew Rose, LPLC Risk Manager

28th February, 2019

Claim free conveyancing

Additional conveyancing download: Default notice Table of contentsIntroductionEmerging risk – cyber fraudThe causes of claimsThe most common mistakesLPLC Vendor’s Practitioner ChecklistPurchaser’s Practitioner ChecklistAppendix One: Suggested form of letter to client if requested to prepare a section 32 statement in a hurryAppendix Two: Owner builder obligationsAppendix Three: Rescission NoticeAppendix Four: Owners corporation certificate issues Introduction Claim […]

15th February, 2019

5 things your purchaser clients really want to know

Last week’s blog post looked at three things all vendor clients want from their lawyer. This week we are looking at five key things purchasers want to know. Is the vendor entitled to sell the property? Verify the vendor’s title to sell, identify the property correctly and conduct all necessary searches. Build the cost into […]