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24th January, 2020

Handy hints for GST

Some of the enquiries on our GST hotline in the last few months required some basic GST knowledge and logical thinking to answer. Here are some handy hints to help you navigate your next GST question. The starting point for all GST questions should be: is the vendor registered for GST or required to be […]

12th December, 2019

Manage for when, not if

Cyber attacks by email are on the rise and law firms of all sizes are at risk. Cyber attacks on law firms of all sizes, but particularly smaller practices without the necessary safety measures in place, are on the increase. It is everyone’s problem. What you need to know is set out here. How they […]

4th December, 2019

Success often comes at a price

Some of the firms we have visited as part of our Risk Assistance Program have been around for 20 to 30 years. They often have a sole principal and have grown over the years to have five to eight lawyers and multiple support and administrative staff. The principal works long hours and spends a large […]

21st November, 2019

Common GST question – new residential property and no GST registration

Here is a deceptively simple GST question with a few twists. Q: Our client built a new house to replace an old house on a block of land two years ago and since then has been occupying the property. The client, a sole owner, now intends to sell the property and is not registered for […]

15th November, 2019

Determining the right diagram location document

What constitutes a diagram location for the purposes of section 32I of the Sale of Land Act 1962 (Vic)? The section relevantly provides that a vendor must attach to the section 32 statement: ‘… the document, or part of the document, referred to as the diagram location in the Register Search Statement that identifies the […]