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The cybersecurity environment is constantly changing and with the release of the VLSB+C Minimum Cybersecurity Expectations, all practitioners have an immediate requirement to ensure that they are complying with current standards.

Presented by LPLC Risk Manager and experienced cyber lawyer, Dr Fabian Horton, this recorded webinar is designed to equip all practitioners, especially those without in-house cyber security advisors, with an understanding of the expectations and common cyber threats so that they can upgrade their mitigation strategies to protect their practices.

This webinar covers:

  • An analysis and breakdown of the requirements contained in the VLSB+C Minimum Cybersecurity Expectations and how law firms should go about reviewing and updating their policies and practices.
  • An explanation of some of the types of cyber attacks and scams commonly seen. Consideration is given to how the attacks and scams have evolved in an attempt by cyber criminals to beat cyber security measures.

Date of recording: Thursday 11 April 2024.

1 CPD – Practice Management

In relation to the information contained in the webinar, LPLC notes:

  • LPLC provides information in relation to transferring money under the title Call Before You Pay. The VLSB+C has a complimentary message contained in their Sight or Speak Expectation.
  • The VLSB+C provides information as to what you should do if you experience a cyberattack. That information contains the VLSB+C expectations as to reporting.

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