Key Risk Checklist: Face to face verification of identity

8 August, 2016
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Doing VOI well protects you and your good clients.

Face to face verification of identity – Steps for practitioners

To undertake a VOI of a client you need to be familiar with the following documents as a minimum:

☐  Model Participation Rules. In particular clause 6.5 and schedules 8 and 9.

☐  ARNECC MPR guidance note 2 – verification of identity.

☐  LPLC flow chart – capacity, authority and identity.

Step 1

Send / give the client:

☐  VOI client information sheet

☐  client authorisation form

Step 2

Arrange a face to face meeting with the client to complete the VOI. At this point:

☐  ask the client which identity documents they will bring to the VOI meeting

☐  refer to the categories in the VOI client information sheet and the client must have a valid reason for not being able to provide the highest category.

Step 3

Meet face to face with one client at a time. At this meeting:

☐  take a photo of the client

☐  check the VOI client information sheet is properly completed

☐  complete the LIV VOI checklist

☐  obtain the original identity documents from the client

☐  check the identity documents by comparing them to each other

☐  look at the ID documents very carefully – look for typos, poor quality etc

☐  look at the client and compare them to the photo in the identity documents

☐  compare the signature on the photo ID to that on any document(s) to be witnessed at the meeting.

Step 4

Retain on file:

☐  VOI client information sheet

☐  client authorisation form

☐  LIV VOI checklist

☐  photo

☐  copies of identity documents. At this stage you may want to make a certified copy of the identity document as this may be required in the future.

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