Key Risk Checklist: File closing

15 June, 2017
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Work completed



Comment or detail

Have we written to the client confirming:
  • all required work has been completed?
  • any outstanding issues that are the client’s responsibility?
  • any critical dates and consequences?
  • future actions (such as exercise of an option) that is the client’s responsibility?
Have all original documents been filed/lodged with the appropriate body(s)?
Have we completed:
  • lodgement of documents?
  • notice to authorities?
  • any required registrations?
Have all disbursements been paid?  □  □
Has the firm rendered a final account?
Has the client paid all accounts?
Is the trust account a zero balance?
Have we provided a trust account statement to the client?
Storage/file retention/destruction
Have we checked the physical file for original documents?
Have we returned all documents required by the client?
Do we hold a copy of everything on the client file?
This file should never be destroyed.
This file may be destroyed after: Month:                  Year: