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Video recordings with downloadable handout notes from our popular Risk Management Regional Tour seminars.

Avoiding Claims in Changing Times

In this seminar LPLC, Risk Manager, Stephen Bubb, considers the changing environment legal practitioners are operating in and how to avoid claims.

1 CPD point | Practice Management

Taxing Issues

In this seminar LPLC Risk Manager, Phil Nolan, provides practitioners with information to avoid claims associated with duty, land tax, CGT and GST.

1 CPD point | Substantive Law

Transaction Traps

In this seminar LPLC Risk Manager, Matthew Rose, looks at regional claims for sale and purchase of small business and advises practitioners how to avoid claims risks.

1 CPD Point | Professional Skills

Professional responsibility in court and settlement negotiations

In this session LPLC Risk Manager, Matthew Rose, focuses on the conduct of disputes. In particular, he looks at the ethical and legal obligations in settlement negotiations before turning to the impact of the Civil Procedure Act 2010 (Vic) on personal cost orders against practitioners.

1 CPD Point | EPR

The trouble with family law

In this session by LPLC's Chief Risk Manager, Heather Hibberd, we will look at the increasing number of family law claims in regional areas, what is going wrong and what can be done about it.

1 CPD Point | SL

Old mistakes and new laws: VOI and other conveyancing issues

In this session LPLC Risk Manager, Phil Nolan, considers regional conveyancing claims including those caused by poor communication.

1 CPD Point | PM