File note – meeting to advise about a guarantee

21 December, 2017

This file note is designed to be used by practitioners when they are advising third party guarantors and providing a solicitor’s certificate of their advice.

Practitioners should review the file note template with the guarantee and/or mortgage documents before meeting with the client and make any necessary additions or changes to the typed file note section.

The file note should be printed, taken to the meeting with the client and used to ensure all issues are discussed with the client. It also provides a reminder to ensure that appropriate notes are made of the client’s comments and questions. A copy of the file note can be given or sent to the client after the meeting.

The file note is available in a Microsoft Word version so firms can tailor the wording to suit their needs and insert their own branding. Firms are also welcome to use the sample pdf version if they so wish.

We welcome your feedback on the file note.

File note – meeting to advise about a guarantee  (PDF Version) | File note – meeting to advise about a guarantee (Word Version)