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In December 2004, the Victorian Bar Council resolved that all Victorian barristers would be insured with the LPLC.

Barristers were not required by law to be insured until 1996 with the commencement of the Legal Practice Act 1996.

This followed a history of insolvency of HIH which insured most Victorian barristers in 2001, followed by the need to find a commercial insurer willing to meet terms and conditions required by the Legal Practice Board.

Barristers insuring with LPLC have:

  • guaranteed availability of cover
  • quality cover, including non avoidance cover, for the protection of clients as well as barristers
  • universal and free run-off cover for all barristers
  • risk management services

You (and your estate) will be covered for claims made against you arising out of your practice as a barrister under the LPLC run-off policy.

The LPLC run-off policy incorporates the current policy for barristers.

This cover is provided AT NO COST.  There is no need to complete any documentation in respect of this cover (although you must of course notify us if you receive or become aware of a possible claim).  It attaches automatically when you cease practice.

2018/19 LPLC Run-off policy for barristers

2017/18 LPLC Run-off policy for barristers

Yes, a pro rata refund is available.  Contact LPLC.

No – you must take out cover which runs for the same period as your practising certificate.  If you intend to practise for less than this period, you can apply for a refund when you surrender your practising certificate.

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