Clearance certificate questions keep coming

15 December, 2017

LPLC receives enquiries most weeks about the Federal Government foreign residents withholding regime with many practitioners being referred to the following three LPLC bulletins for the answers to their questions. 1 July 2017 amended CGT withholding payments for real property sales Amended CGT withholding payments for options, company title interests and indirect Australian real property […]

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Updated conveyancing practice risk guide

8 December, 2017

In 2016/17 LPLC received 127 conveyancing claims and notifications which represented approximately 30 per cent of all claims and notifications received that year. The cost of these claims is currently estimated to be in excess of $10 million. This represents an increase in both the number and cost of claims compared to 2015/16. Given conveyancing […]

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Electronic caveats only from 1 December

24 November, 2017

All stand-alone caveats and withdrawal of caveats signed after 1 December 2017 must be lodged electronically using PEXA. This applies to all lawyers and conveyancers. Land Use Victoria has covered these requirements in a number of Customer Information Bulletins. If you are not registered for PEXA what will you do after 1 December? Do you […]

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Stop and think about loan agreements

10 November, 2017

When a client insists on entering into a risky loan agreement, it is essential to step back and think about whether the client has made an informed choice and you have documented their instructions and your advice. In one claim, the practitioner acted for a lender regarding a loan to a property developer. The practitioner […]

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Managing risks in the wills and estates area

27 October, 2017

LPLC has published Wills and estates, the latest in our series of snapshots which are designed to provide data about claims against practitioners in specific practice areas as well as risk management strategies at a glance. This snapshot shows that between 2007 and 2017, claims in the wills and estates area accounted for eight per […]

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