Conveyancing resources

13 October, 2017

Property and conveyancing claims are the most numerous and expensive for 2016/17. One worrying trend is that the number of large conveyancing claims exceeding $1million have increased by 20 per cent compared to 2015/16. This is one reason LPLC focused on conveyancing claims at the 2017 Risk Management Intensive in a session titled ‘Conveyancing done […]

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Stop and think about loan agreements

10 October, 2017

When a client insists on entering into a risky loan agreement, it is essential to step back and think about whether the client has made an informed choice and you have documented their instructions and your advice. In one claim, the practitioner acted for a lender regarding a loan to a property developer. The practitioner […]

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Migration lawyers and risk management

22 September, 2017

At the 2017 LPLC Risk Management Intensive a practitioner mentioned how difficult it was for practitioners to keep up with the constant changes to our immigration system. The same can probably be said for all areas of law. The practitioner also commented that the system is complicated because there are now over 100 types of […]

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Do I have a conflict?

15 September, 2017

LPLC regularly receives calls from practitioners seeking guidance about a potential conflict when acting for both the vendor and purchaser of real estate. LPLC also receives claims every year where a practitioner acted for more than one party. In a recent claim a practitioner was instructed to just prepare a section 32 statement as the […]

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Caveat practitioner

8 September, 2017

Every year LPLC receives claims involving caveats arising from matters in many different areas. The main message from caveat claims is that practitioners need to recognise when their clients have a caveatable interest and when a caveat should be lodged. Caveat claims in conveyancing matters sometimes arise where a caveat is lodged just prior to […]

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