A practical guide to help lawyers be cybersafe

14 February, 2020

LPLC has developed a Cyber Security Guide covering five key areas to help time-poor and information-overloaded lawyers understand the risks and act to make their practice safer. The guide has been designed for sole practitioners and small to medium firms as this is where most of the cyber claims occur, however it is equally relevant […]

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Beware the risk your client’s email system may have been compromised

10 February, 2020

Our latest cyber claim story is a salutary reminder not to be complacent about payment directions received by email or be lured into thinking that because your IT system is secure, you are not at risk from cybercrime. In this deceased estate matter, the estate had been wound up and most of the beneficiaries had […]

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What’s the difference between a default notice and a rescission notice?

29 January, 2020

A practitioner acting for a vendor contacted LPLC seeking guidance on how to prepare a default notice for a breach of a sale of land contract by a purchaser and what the difference was between a default notice and the rescission notice. Under most contracts of sale a party is usually required to provide a […]

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Handy hints for GST

24 January, 2020

Some of the enquiries on our GST hotline in the last few months required some basic GST knowledge and logical thinking to answer. Here are some handy hints to help you navigate your next GST question. The starting point for all GST questions should be: is the vendor registered for GST or required to be […]

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Success often comes at a price

4 December, 2019

Some of the firms we have visited as part of our Risk Assistance Program have been around for 20 to 30 years. They often have a sole principal and have grown over the years to have five to eight lawyers and multiple support and administrative staff. The principal works long hours and spends a large […]

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