Subject to finance timely reminder

20 May, 2020

Subject to finance clauses have always been a source of claims but attention needs to be paid to them more than ever in this current uncertain economic climate. There are two recurring mistakes we see in claims that are particularly relevant at the moment. The first is that clients are not adequately advised about how […]

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Solicitors’ certificates – risky business in COVID-19

1 May, 2020

In the current financial environment requests for practitioners to advise on loans and guarantees, particularly from second and third tier lenders, appear to be increasing. Providing solicitors’ certificates in these matters is risky at the best of times, but where there is uncertainty about future financial and property market stability and clients under severe financial […]

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Safe practice during the pandemic

16 April, 2020

Working remotely still requires access to practice management tools, doing all the steps in a matter and not being distracted Stay alert to cyber risks Plan what to do if staff are unavailable Review files and record what needs to be done where someone else can action it if required Keep clients informed Take time […]

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A practical guide to help lawyers be cybersafe

14 February, 2020

LPLC has developed a Cyber Security Guide covering five key areas to help time-poor and information-overloaded lawyers understand the risks and act to make their practice safer. The guide has been designed for sole practitioners and small to medium firms as this is where most of the cyber claims occur, however it is equally relevant […]

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Beware the risk your client’s email system may have been compromised

10 February, 2020

Our latest cyber claim story is a salutary reminder not to be complacent about payment directions received by email or be lured into thinking that because your IT system is secure, you are not at risk from cybercrime. In this deceased estate matter, the estate had been wound up and most of the beneficiaries had […]

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