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Australian Cyber Week 2020 (Oct 26 - 30) spotlights cybersecurity and encourages individuals and organisations to take an active part in building resilience against growing cyber threats by ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest cyber security strategies.

For most legal practitioners, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed an unexpected move to exclusively digital operations and an online work environment. With that change has come new challenges for maintaining cyber security, both at an individual and firm level. LPLC has produced a series of resources and articles aimed at raising awareness of the issues and providing practical guidance on how to avoid a cyber issue.

With cyber criminals stepping up their activity, it’s always a perfect time to review your cyber security practices and protocols.

Not sure where to start? Visit our Cyber Security page for the full range of information resources.

Here’s a sample of the most popular:

Our Cyber Security Guide for Lawyers outlines 5 key areas of focus and explains why each is important to be included in cybersafe strategies for law practices. For each key area the guide provides a checklist of practical steps to take to secure any legal practice.
Our Cyber Security Checklist provides a list of essential security measures practitioners should take to help to protect their firm from cyber attack.
Our recent articles including enabling Multi-Factor Authentication, safely moving to remote working conditions and advice on how to pick a scam email.
Our Client Brochure: Cyber security – how to protect yourself is for use by practitioners to help them provide information to their clients about cyber security. The brochure outlines what the law firm will do when acting for a client and makes recommendations to the client about what they should do to maintain cyber security.
Our videos about cyber security, including an examination by LPLC's Chief Risk Manager, Heather Hibberd, of the Current cyber landscape, why cyber security is important for law practices and the key risks and responsibilities lawyers have in this space.

For all of our resources, visit the Cyber Security page.