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Cyber-crime is a risk to law firms of all sizes as lawyers and the legal profession are increasingly the targets of cyber-criminals. Having strategies, policies and processes to boost a firm’s cyber-security is an essential part of practice management. LPLC provides a range of information and resources, including our Cyber Security Guide for Lawyers, to support practices to do so.

Find out more about how to reduce your risk

  • Use strong passwords and multifactor authentication
  • Use a business grade hosted email service
  • Implement security software and updates
  • Use custom domains
  • Perform regular backups
  • Create a secure email culture
  • Do regular, up-to-date staff training
  • Appoint responsible staff members
  • Centralise your cyber risk information
  • Warn your clients about cyber risks
  • Call before you pay
  • Create a cyber incident response plan
  • Implement security measures
  • Restrict system access
  • Meet privacy obligations
  • Do regular, up-to-date staff training

Get risk advice about Practice Management issues