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In this episode of More Than Knowing The Law, Heather Hibberd is joined by Susie Jones, CEO of Cynch Security, where they break down some common misunderstandings that often lead to cyber incidents in law firms, as well as simple actions you can take to protect your firm.

Cynch Security is an organisation that partners with small businesses across a range of sectors, including law, to improve their cyber security fitness.

If you’re a practitioner that knows you should be doing more about cyber security but have been putting it off because it seems too technical or too much of a bother, this podcast is for you.

Heather and Susie discuss:

  • How and why cyber criminals choose their targets
  • Cyber awareness in law firms and the need for each of us to understand our personal responsibility to be cyber safe
  • Common barriers lawyers face that may prevent them from implementing basic cyber security measures and how to overcome them
  • Implementing multi-factor authentication, password managers and other steps you can take

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