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Recordings and support material for the risk management intensives 2018.

Presented by Cameron Oxley, Partner Minter Ellison and Kelly Butler, March & McLennan Companies

Cyber fraud related notifications are a weekly occurrence at LPLC. This is not just an IT issue but a matter for every lawyer to understand and take steps to prevent. This session will look at the various ways cyber thieves are trying to steal money from you, steps you can take to prevent it as well as broader cyber risks and what cyber insurance should cover.

1 CPD point | Practice management and business skills

Presented by Ronwyn North, Managing Director, Streeton Consulting

All clients can be difficult but some are more difficult than others and pose an increased risk of a claim. In this session Ronwyn North presents a four-step model for identifying difficult, risky clients along with practical tips to manage difficult client behaviour with confidence.

1 CPD units point | Ethics and professional responsibility

Presented by Naomi Fink, Lawyer, Holley Nethercote, Patrick Oliver, Managing Director, Lexcel Consulting & AML Experts

Anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing legislation is being expanded to include obligations on lawyers. This session looks at what it is likely to cover and what firms will need to do to get ready for the new obligations. It is time to plan ahead so you don’t get caught short when the legislation arrives.

1 CPD point | Practice management and business skills

Presented by Emily Dewberry, Lawyer & Nationally Accredited Mediator Dewberry Mediations

Join Emily as she shares her unique experience from the famous negotiations course at Harvard University and learn about:

  • the infectious nature of vulnerability and empathy in mediations and why it leads to higher settlement rates
  • the danger of prejudgment or unconscious bias and how that blinds us to negotiation opportunity
  • why mediations can be greater than the sum of its parts.

1 CPD point | Professional skills

Presented by Derry Davine

This session explores the requirements for purchasers of real property to withhold GST and pay it to the ATO, what is happening in practice and where the traps lie.

0.5 CPD point | Substantive law

Presented by Matthew Rose, Risk Manager

Lender clients who sue their lawyers range from major financial institutions to mums and dads. Inevitably they sue because the lawyer didn’t ensure there was adequate security. This session looks at common mistakes and lessons for practitioners as property prices soften.

0.75 CPD point | Practice management and business skills

Presented by Philip Nolan, Risk Manager, LPLC

In this session we look at five things good property lawyers do and five areas where firms could improve their conveyancing practice. This is based on information obtained from the LPLC conveyancing best practice program. As part of this program LPLC invited firms to send LPLC their standard contract of sale of real estate and section 32 statement. LPLC also visited a number of the firms involved in the program.

0.75 CPD point | Substantive law